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Healthy Holiday Menu for Strong Immune System

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We all need a strong immune system not only in times of a pandemic. Nevertheless, when we have a lot of tasks on our daily to-do lists, it is easy to switch to an unhealthy diet. Holidays are also very tricky because we tend to overeat. So, let us explore together how to have a strong immunity while enjoying a tasty healthy holiday menu.


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#1. Focus on Greens, Beans, Nuts, Purple and Red Foods

Chlorophyll acts as a powerful antioxidant and greens contain a lot of it. So, do not miss out on the opportunity to eat plenty of kale, broccoli, spinach, romaine, and arugula these holidays. You can consume greens in the form of salads. Another option is to add them to soups.


healthy food veggie christmas tree with green cream and slices of beetroot on a white festive plate



On the other hand, chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils are rich in fibre. This is why eating them is helpful for your gut health. It is important to protect your gut because it is vital for high immunity.


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Furthermore, try to eat a lot of berries because they contain helpful phytochemicals. Instead of baking a high-calory cake, prepare a healthy fruit salad and enjoy its benefits.


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Last, but not least, eat plenty of nuts (i.e., almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, etc.). This will help you limit the risk of experiencing chronic or heart diseases.


Healthy Christmas desserts strawberyy santas on a while plate with pine branches in the background


#2. Use the Power of Herbs and Spices

If you are looking for a diet for strong immunity, then do not underestimate the power of herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are famous for their disease-fighting benefits. On top of that, they contain nutrients that are sometimes equivalent to whole foods.


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When you cook salty meals, then you can add dill, garlic, and onion powder. On the other hand, ginger and cinnamon are nice options to go for when you prepare desserts.


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#2. Choose Foods That Are Rich in Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Do I have a strong immune system” is something that we all ask ourselves from time to time. Yet, the truth is that if you want to stay healthy during the holidays, then you need to provide your body with enough Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. While you can certainly take supplements, we also recommend that you pay attention to your holiday menu.


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For example, you can derive vitamin D from mushrooms, whole milk, cereal, and cold-water fish like salmon, sardines, and herring. On the other hand, orange juice can be a great source of vitamin C. And when it comes to Zinc, it is useful to eat animal foods such as beef and oysters. In addition, this mineral is contained in pumpkin seeds and tofu.


holiday food healthy holiday snacks on a wooden table with courgette rolls and cherry tomatoes


As you can see, a strong immune system is mission possible even during the holidays. So, enjoy the taste of your favorite foods and beverages, but do not forget to also take care of your health.


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