Handmade Photo Frames

Handmade Photo frames of bottle metal caps 6


Love photography, and saving your memories in pictures? So the next idea is for you. For people who like offbeat we offer to do some different frames of metal caps. You can place them on the refrigerator or decorate them with panel in the living room or nursery.

What you will need:

Handmade Photo frames of bottle metal caps

Metal bottle caps


Small magnets or pins

Brush and white paint (maybe another color)




How to make:

At first you can paint with two coats of white paint (or other color paint) inside of the cap. It is not necessary to paint the middle of it since there you will put the photos.

Handmade Photo frames of bottle metal caps 1


Measure the inner circle of the cap, roughly the size is about 2.5 cm in diameter. Make a template of this size, which will help you to cut out pictures that you want to place there.


Handmade Photo frames of bottle metal caps 2


When the paint is dry, glue the center caps of your photos.

Thereafter the opposite side stick a magnet or a pin.


Handmade Photo frames of bottle metal caps 4


Handmade Photo Frames

And voila! Done.

Such small frames, handmade can perfectly decorate both the refrigerator and of cloth hanging in the nursery.




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