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Beautiful sights of Mexico makes the country the tenth most popular tourist destination in the world! Most often when we think of places in Mexico we imagine the pyramids of the Maya, Aztec temples and golden sandy beaches. They are all amazing, but there are other places and events that are worth one to consider. Here are some of them:


1. Mexican valley

Sierra Madre Oriental


It’s easy to focus on the golden sands of Mexico and forget that in fact the majority of the country is mountainous. One of the most beautiful scenery is the Mexican valley.



Mexican valley Sierra Madre del Sur



It is surrounded by volcanic mountain ranges Sierra Madre Oriental, Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur, whose peaks reach a height of 5000 meters. Scientists believe that the valley was inhabited 12,000 years ago, and today it is the largest urban area in the western hemisphere – the capital Mexico City.


2. Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon in Mexico by train on bridge


Natural wonder is located in the state of Chihuahua, which borders Arizona. Grand Canyon in the US is the most famous in the world, but did you know that some parts of the Copper Canyon are deeper and wider?


Copper Canyon el cheppe rail road mexico


It is cut by merging six rivers that form the Rio Fuerte and it ends as flows into the Sea of Cortez. Copper Canyon is so named because of the distinctive color of its rocks. One of the best ways to see it is by a train journey. This is an incredible journey that lasts 15 hours. You go through 86 tunnels and over 37 bridges that reach a height of 2400 meters and offers spectacular views!



3. Rocks La Quebrada

La Quebrada rocks in Mexico


People are crazy! Those who participate in various extreme sports are probably a little more crazy than those of us who do not but quite high in the ranking of madness are diving from the cliffs of La Kebrada!


man jumping from La Quebrada rocks in mexico sunset


Professional divers throw themselves into the sea from cliffs that are 40 m high. And the depth of the sea where they land may be only two meters – everything depends on the exact time because of the waves. These brave men are definitely one of the things in Mexico, which is worth seeing!



4. Rock paintings in Sierra de San Francisco

Rock paintings in Sierra de San Francisco 2


In Sierra De San Francisco in northern Mexico there are over 250 pictographs created by people kochima. They are dated between 100 and 1300 BC and are very preserved. Represent religious and mythological images, some of which are six-foot human beings.


Rock paintings in Sierra de San Francisco


They are not easily accessible but are one of the most amazing sights in the country and represent one of the most important collections of pre-kolumbovsko art.


5. Pyramid of the Magician

Pyramid of the Magician in Mexico


Naturally, some of the most interesting sights in Mexico are Mayan pyramids. “Pyramid of the Magician” is located in the ancient city of Uxmal, Yucatan Peninsula. It is 40 meters high and is built on an unusual oval base.



Pyramid of the Magician in Mexico 2


The impressive staircase is decorated with stone friezes and leads to the rooms on the top of the pyramid. In the temples inside there are carvings which for decades fascinate archaeologists, historians and tourists.



6. Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead skulls copy


Although this event is a festival, not a permanent attraction, Day of the Dead in Oaxaca city is certainly one of the most awesome sights in Mexico. Here (especially in the southern parts of the country) in local customs rise altars covered with candles and sugar skulls, flowers, favorite foods and beverages of the departed and also small gifts.


Day of the Dead Mexico 2


On this day people have fun and gather in large noisy groups, thus mention life and not death of the deceased. Urban cemeteries are generously decorated with flowers and ornaments, while friends and acquaintances are prepared to offer their gifts of remembrance.


Day of the Dead festival mexico


This night around the graves and altars are lit candles, which give unearthly view and their shadows as if they were the spirits of the deceased.


7. Zocalo

Zocalo in Mexico


In Mexico City there are many attractions and it is difficult to highlight just one, so does one of them somehow managed to sum up the city. This is the Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitucion), called Zocalo. The name derives from the Constitution of Cadiz, which was signed in Spain in 1812. There have been plans to raise the column to be a monument to independence but was built only basis (or zocalo).


Zocalo in Mexico full of people


The base is destroyed, but the name remained. The square is one of the largest in the world and is even more awesome, if you think about it in the context that is located in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. Square size is 240×240 meters. It is a cleared paved space in which center Mexican flag is waving.




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