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Don’t you want somebody to love? Don’t you need somebody to love? Do you remember Jefferson Airplane’s hippie song? Well, the days of hippies are far away but everytime Valentine’s day approaches I remember of the days full of love – the 60s and 70s.


Knitted pillow Shape-deco ideas for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Glass Candles Crafts-deco ideas for Valentine's Day


Vase with twigs branches fabric hearts-deco ideas for Valentine's Day


Today I have collected some truly inspiring examples of Valentine’s Day decorations that you can apply at your home for 14th of February. Of course, you will find them quite a lot more modern than those used by hippies. Of course, hearts are the essential main theme that a Valentine’s day simply can’t go without.


Red heart from buttons black and white stripes on canvas-deco ideas for Valentine's Day


You will find theme in many different applications some people prefer sticking to the traditional white and red theme while others like to experiment with their interiors and bring in some interesting extraordinary colorful combinations.

Valentine’s Day Decorations For Those Who Are in Love

Tafelwand Label Console table Jewelry-deco ideas for Valentine's Day


Be my Valentine Tafelwand-deco ideas for Valentine's Day


If you are expecting a special guest for the night of 14th of February, you’d better prepare well. I recommend decorations like embroidered hearts in burlap upholstered pillows. They look gorgeous when used on your living room couch, for example.


Playing cards heart Deco ideas for Valentine's Day


Another great way to bring the romance at your room is to decorate some jars and put candles inside them. For example, you can use a red thread and wrap a small jar with it. Inside the jar, you can place one of those small and round candles. This handmade candleholder can be used either at the romantic dinner table or it can be placed on the bedside table in your bedroom – it all depends on your plans how to spend the night.


Valentine’s Day Decorations For Everybody Else




Not all of us have somebody! I have a friend of mine who celebrates Valentine’s day every single year, no matter if she is in a relationship or not. She likes putting various types of hearts on the wall or as decorative accents an create some kind of festive atmosphere at her place.




In the images here you will see exactly this type of Valentine’s day decorations. Take a look at the pink drawn heart framed with wooden mat. Such kind of creative handmade decorations can create an outstanding romantic atmosphere inside a girl’s place.


To be honest, guys love girls who can make interesting objects out nothing. We fell that you, girls, reveal a little part of your interesting world and we simply love to explore all your hidden secrets.



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