Getting Back to Your Routines – How to be More Consistent in Your Habits

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The power of habits is undeniable. The question is how we can make use of good habits and overwrite bad habits. Here are a few simple strategies for being more consistent in your habits.


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Tip #1. Start With the Why

Before you try to cultivate any habit, you need to make sure it is meaningful enough for you. Building habits requires willpower. And we, humans, have a limited amount of willpower on a daily basis.


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Ask yourself: “What are my top 3 priorities for the next year?”. Once you identify them think about habits that can help you make a progress in this specific regard. For instance, doing daily workouts might be a great habit to embrace. Nevertheless, if health and fitness are not your focus for the next period, then it might be enough to move your body 4 times per week.


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Knowing the Why will help you regain motivation whenever you find it hard to stick to your daily habit. This is a powerful way of staying true to your commitment even when you do not feel like doing something.


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Tip #2. Break Down the Habit into Small Action Steps

Sometimes we end up breaking the habit we want to cultivate because we set vague or unrealistic goals. For instance, you might say: “I want to meditate daily.” Yet, this will not necessarily help you become a great meditator. It might be a better idea to choose a specific meditation track and commit to listening to it for 30-60 days consistently.


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Tip #3. Automate Habits

Whether we talk about effective study habits or habits that can make you more successful in life, automation is key. What do we mean when we encourage you to automate your habits?


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It is very simple: find a way of making your daily action steps at the same time each day. This will help you stick to your routines more easily. On the one hand, you will be able to plan your schedule more effectively. On the other hand, you will have bigger chances of saying No to distractions.


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Interestingly enough, it will be much easier for you to stay consistent in your habits if you make the action steps first thing in the morning. This is so because when you wake up, you have access to your daily amount of willpower. Therefore, you can consciously direct what you will invest in it.

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To sum up, being consistent in your habits can definitely help you move your life and business to a whole new level. Yet, instead of fighting against bad habits, it is wiser to focus on cultivating good ones. So, choose wisely the routines you want to follow and stick to them long enough to reap the fruits of your efforts.


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