First Steps in Landscaping – Where to Start?

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If you are new to landscaping and want to get your project on the right foot, then this article is for you. Keep reading to learn 5 essential steps for turning your dream garden into a reality.


landscaping a small garden piece with flowers and plants


STEP #1. Gather Inspiration Photos for Your Landscaping Project

You aim at quality landscaping, but do not know where to start? If that is the case, first gather some photos of landscapes that appeal to you. Once you have collected enough photos, look for commonalities between them. These can include the style of the gardens, the types or the colours of plants and features used, etc.


landscape design fence with bushes and flowers



STEP #2. Choose Your Garden Style

Once you are clear about your preferences, it is important to determine the style of your garden. Is it going to be a traditional, cottage, or modern? Or maybe you would like to focus on new landscaping styles such as the new perennial one?


front garden with a pathway surrounded with flowers lavender and other grasses flowers and plants


Naturally enough, ultimate landscaping can mean minimalist garden and landscape, too. It is up to you, so choose what suits your personality. Once you are clear about your garden style, you can bring it to the front via specific features, materials and plants.


woman planning with a pen and a note writing and planning


STEP #3. Draw a Scale Plan & Take a Site Inventory

Next, it is time to measure your yard and draw a scale plan. You cannot afford to skip this step if you really want to enjoy the garden of your dreams. On the one hand, you can measure the perimeter of your property and then mark the distances on a sheet of paper. On the other hand, it is also possible to type your address on Google Maps.
In addition, you will need to take a site inventory of your yard’s features and conditions. Your notes should refer to wind, sun, the slope of the property, existing plants, permanent fixtures, and access points.


relaxation spot in a garden landscaping with a wooden chair with a blanket and pillow


STEP #4. Make Your Wish List & Draw Out Multiple Garden Designs

Once you are aware of the overall shape of your yard, as well as any important conditions or features, create your wish list. Clarify for yourself what you want from your landscape (i.e., play areas, patios, sculptures, etc.). Highly likely you will not manage to make every wish come true. Nevertheless, the very process of planning will help you incorporate more of the wish list items.


steps in landscaping outdoor staircase with stones grass and plants


Next, it is time to set your creativity free and draw out your design ideas onto your scale plan. You can use the Google SketchUp garden design tool to make the process easier.


basic landscaping garden with grass flowers and plants arranged in a beautiful display


STEP #5. Pick Suitable Plants and Features

Last, but not least, it is important to conduct some research in regards to soft landscaping. Choose suitable hardscape materials and select plants that fit your garden style.


man mowing a lawn with green grass houses in the background


As you can see, making your dream landscape a reality is a matter of following a couple of steps. We hope that this article will help you set off on your landscaping journey being equipped with the necessary information.


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