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Family roles are a popular controversial topic. On the one hand, we live in a day and age when we have the freedom to express ourselves and move beyond traditional family roles. On the other hand, women get confused when their men accomplish great things at work but remain passive at home.


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In this article, we want to examine family system roles. Besides, we are also about to explore the difference between wearing pants and emasculating a man.


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Traditional vs. Modern Family Roles Distribution

Let us first start by saying a few words about the functions of the family institution. The primary functions of the family unit include stable satisfaction of sexual needs, provision of home, procreation, rearing and socialization of kids.


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The family institution also has non-essential social, educational, cultural, religious or health-related functions. In each family system, there are various roles to be distributed so that the family unit can survive and thrive. In traditional families, men are the breadwinners while women are the ones taking care of the household and the kids.A few decades ago this used to be a common model of distributing family system roles. In comparison, nowadays more and more women have successful careers. Oftentimes they also earn more than their partners.

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Why Women Often Wear The Pants At Home

Some modern women take pride in saying “I have bigger balls than any man I have ever dated.” Yet, they do not realize the negative implications this could have on their health and love life. Paradoxically, the more external success ambitious women have, the harder it gets for them to build a loving relationship. Here is why.


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First, even smart women are not always aware of the differences between male and female hormones. Men cope with stress by doing nothing and forgetting about problems. On the other hand, women recharge their feminine energy when they talk about problems, give and receive support. So, a regular woman would get upset whenever her man comes home from work and wants to disconnect and play computer games. However, it is important for ladies to realize that this is how men regenerate their masculine energy.


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Second, when a woman sees that her partner is passive at home, she usually tends to take even more initiative. However, masculine energy is all about initiative, heroism and recognition. So, when the woman starts overusing her masculine energy, she stops appreciating her partner and asking him for help.


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As a result of this dynamic, a lot of ambitious women reach the point of burnout. In comparison, their partners are likely to remain passive in the relationship and engage with destructive behaviours like alcoholism.


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Key Takeaways For Successful Ambitious Women

First, even if you earn a lot, you do not need to spend all of your money on your husband and kids. It is the masculine that is responsible for providing and protecting. Second, respect your man’s right to regenerate after a hard day at work. However, say out loud what you need and discuss when you can get his help around it.


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Third, remember that you do not need to follow common family roles to be happy together. There are families in which men take care of the household and the kids, whereas women are the breadwinners. It is important to come to an agreement around your own version of family roles and to respect each other as equal partners.


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