Elegant Bedroom Design Blended Styles




Elegant bedroom design with blended styles




Personally, I adore… not only adore but I love eclectic interior design! I love the interesting combinations between different styles. For example, classic lighting fixtures with vintage furniture and modern accents. Actually, any kind of blends are possible in an eclectic interior. The only restrictions is to do the things with taste and try to match the colors in order to create on coherent environment.





Eclectic designs is big time for professionals. Not all of them can do it right and that’s why I have collected today some really amazing and great images of successful projects. You will find that I have put the accent on a specific living area – the bedroom. And now, you only need to relax and enjoy the collection of eclectic bedrooms.




Eclectic interior design for bedroom




Bedrooms are very personal areas. This is the place where we dedicate only to ourselves. We take our clothes off there and we spent our secret, hidden world with our partners. That’s why, this intimate atmosphere shouldn’t be disturbed when choosing the interior design. On contrary, interior designers should try to underline personal aspects of the homeowner’s character in the design.




Ok, so we have two very complicated requirements now. The first one is to blend with taste and the second one is to keep it private. Only great designers can do the task and from the images here you will see what I am trying to explain to you.








Pay attention to the gentle blend of whites in one of the images of eclectic bedroom interior design. Traditional walls, cupboards and bookcases live together with modern pendants and electronic gadgets. In another image you will be fascinated by the gorgeous vintage bed and its frame while on its both sides industrial pendants sparkle dimmed lights, exactly like in an old factory. Impressive art above the headboard completes the eclectic touch.






Let’s stop chatting now and enjoy this amazing set of images.


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