Decorative Journey – How to Create the Perfect Homebase

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The place you live in is more than a house or a flat. It is your home. So, if you aim at creating the perfect home base, then you are in the right place. Let us set off on a decorative journey together and learn from the best interior designers.


interior design living area with live plants and art


Home decorating does not have to be a difficult and complicated process. Here are some hacks that can help you create your dream décor with ease and joy.


decluttering cardboard boxes full of shoes and other items



Hack #1. Declutter

Even if you are driven by décor, do not forget to start with decluttering. There are many ways in which you can do that. For example, you can use the 4-box-method. It includes allocating all your things to one of the following categories: keep, trash, relocate or give away. Besides, it is very helpful to set aside 5 min per day and go through this task step by step rather than at once.


modern lighting fixture in a dining room with large window


Hack #2. Upgrade Your Lighting

Next, if you want to turn any space into a cosy room, do not underestimate the power of lighting. Make your rooms feel bigger by adding 100-watt bulbs to some highlighting corners and combine accent, task and ambient lighting.


creating functional spaces in a hallway with shelves


Hack #3. Create Functional Spaces

Functionality is just as important as decorative effects. Therefore, make sure you add baskets, hooks and shelves to hallways, corners and spare rooms. This will help you turn them into mudrooms, guest rooms, offices, music or reading rooms.


accent wall with colorful pieces in a living room with grey coach


Hack #4. Tap into the Power of Wall Décor

Whenever you want to make your home base feel cosier, decorate your walls. For instance, you can mix up the size and shape of different wall décor items and display them at different heights. What is more, you can hang decorative pieces above eye level so that your ceilings appear higher.


decorating interior design colorful accents in an interior blue staircase and art pieces


Hack #5. Use Groupings

Grouping accessories in odd numbers, as well as by contrasting texture, shape and color is very catchy. This particularly applies to pillows and cushions.


color choices in the interior white space with a bright lilac wall with art modern furniture


Hack #6. Use Paint and Color

When it comes to painting, there are various types you can choose from (chalk, milk, metallic, etc.). This will allow you to update finishes, cover accent pieces or rejuvenate pieces of furniture.


decorative journey in the interior with colorful walls dark and bright accents yellow door modern light fixture


Naturally enough, it makes a difference if you are about to choose dark or neutral tones. Dark tones look dramatic whereas neutral tones (blue, grey, white) create a sense of cosiness.


interior with two large art pieces with birds on them on a wall


Hack #7. Layer Accents

Last, but not least, you can add personality and character to your home base by layering accents. To do so, use decorative items such as mirrors, chairs, ottoman, cushions, etc. And remember, your dream décor is up to you. So, it can be fun, striking, functional, etc.


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