Decoration Ideas For Your Home Hallway

Bench with drawers children place lobby furniture

Storage and Decoration Ideas for Your Home Hallway

Vintage colorful fresh storage order lady hat lobby furniture


Hallway is one of those functional areas in our homes which we do not pay a lot of attention to. In terms of interior design, this is another great opportunity for the designers to underline certain features of the particular home by using different kinds of decorations or placing furniture – either for decorative or functional purposes. But what can we actually include in the hallway? What pieces go really well there and what is our practical need of placing such?


1-plank wooden furniture Shoe cabinet floor wardrobe in white lobby furniture




Wall shelf wooden gift idea lobby furniture


The answers will be show in the image collection that I have prepared for you today. I hope that you will really enjoy it and will have the ability to apply some of the ideas right into your home.


2-storage basket bench wall shelf rustic Shabby Chic lobby furniture


Now, let’s have a closer look at the different types of hallway furniture ideas:

Hallway Furniture Ideas – For Storage and Decoration

3-large wall mirror corridor design wood lobby furniture


4 - seat wooden modern Rustic plank furniture


Hallway furniture storage – I have also been thinking that when coming back home I should have a place to place my shoes, so shoe racks and chest of drawers are one unique piece of furniture that can take place in the hallway.


5-stylish floor design oak furniture Hall


Hallway furniture entryway – in a recent article in Founterior, I have written about the use of entryway benchesand why they are gorgeous! They are one perfect piece of furniture that have not only functional application – to sit while taking your shoes on or off, but they have also the unique ability to bring interesting accents in the entryway. I am talking about all the sweet pillows and cushions placed on the bench that simply makes it a better looking place to be.


6 seat made of wood for the floor creative modern hallway furniture


7-mid century wooden bench seat storage lobby furniture


Bench with drawers children place lobby furniture


Furniture oak – Oak is very good material for furniture. However, not matter how gorgeous it is, it not always go very well with the rest of the design. For example, in the many talks with some professional interior designers, they convinced me that oak is great if you have an expensive house with traditional or classic interior design.


Console in white with small drawers chic modern laminate flooring floors furniture


Wall shelf mirror around modern hallway furniture


On the other hand, oak colors simply do not fit inside smaller, modern, contemporary and minimalist designs. I recommend using other materials for your furniture if you have one of those types of interiors.




Hallway coat wooden children bags lobby furniture


Hallway storage space mirror oval lobby furniture


I have searched a lot and finally found a great source for interesting pieces here – hallway furniture ideas.

Hallway with staircase design ideas flooring Furniture traditional


For more great decorations check HERE.


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