Current Bathroom Trends

Shower cubicle bath turquoise green white modern bathroom furniture wood

Basin washbasin Mirror Shelves blinds tiles-bathroom design White


It is spring and the best time for small or large renovations at home. Perhaps you are planning to reshape your bathroom? Then you are right here, because we want to explain the latest trends in bathroom design for 2017 and show them in pictures. These are chic faucets and striking mosaic tiles, bathroom cabinets and much more. The designer bathrooms shown here are actually filled with elegant design ideas, which are now up-to-date and are expected to remain highly in the course of the coming years.


Basin washbasin mirror shower glass wall toilet white-bathroom furniture design


Tiles dark brown modern plain-bathroom furniture
Bathroom fittings and bathroom accessories made of brass are now the hit!



Basin with drawer Speigel lamp blue green white-bathroom furniture white


Sofa Carpet bathtub White tiles-bathroom furniture


Bath fittings and accessories made of brass.

Nickel and chrome have turned the tone for decades in the bathroom, but now brass comes into design. And it’s more matt than painted. The fittings made of brass are visually supplemented by handles, shelves and lamps made of the same material. Brass develops a precious rusting layer over time and completes the look in the modern bathroom.


Bath shower cabinet shower floor glass bathroom light grey metallic-bathroom design wood


Shower cubicle bath turquoise green white modern bathroom furniture wood


Modern bathroom current trends design mosaic tiles WOW effect white glitter hexagonal very appealing bath design.
Mosaic tiles create the WOW effect in the bath in 2017!
Mosaic tiles are back in!


Current bath trends

Bathroom bathtub basin mirror tile built-in radiator white beige modern simple bathroom


In every bathroom design, the bath play an important role in the interior. They not only contribute to the beautiful bath appearance, they also offer great storage options for your everyday utensils. There are some special features that you should be aware of before shopping and the actual design of your bath.
In the first place, the bath should be adapted to the style of this room. Also consider the design of your laundry room, if available.


Bathroom for you and him vanity mirror shower cubicle bench-bathroom furniture


In the second place, you should consider functional furniture. Before purchasing, make sure that your future bath looks exactly the way you want it. Plan and organize everything necessary first and then go shopping.


F-Current bathroom trends


Mirror washbasin wood modern-bathroom


If you do not have a clear idea when choosing your bath, you may get errors. For example, a room with too many modern furniture suddenly appears cluttered and impractical.

Here we have collected some ideas that can help you with the selection of bathing furniture.


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