Creative Wooden Table

Creative Wooden Coffee Table used as Books Holder

Creative idea book shelf wood

Creative Wooden Table

In our daily life when we have to read a book and then leave it for a while (which turns out to be for a long period) we usually place the book somewhere on a easy to pick up place. But in case our attention is attracted to something else in the meantime, we simply leave the book the way it was placed. This activity is contributing to the beautiful chaos that we make in your living spaces.


Living room ideas from design with Eames Chair book shelf wood


Studio Ehoeho found an easy solution for this. They used their furniture ideas and developed a modular table that can act as a book holder. Thus, functionality is established and the wooden table is a perfect accessory for the dynamic lifestyle that people have nowadays.


Modern home accessory wood book shelf


Of course, you can place whatever you want there – books, magazines, laptop, wine, your home keys and whatever you can imagine, that would fit the vertical spaces. At the same time, the table can be used for having your morning coffee or afternoon tea. And maybe a cocktail? Or two? It depends on you!


Stylish living room wood book shelf bright livingroom


Wood coffee table book shelf


Small dining table wood book shelf


Unique book shelf wooden storage


Wine glasses book shelf wood coffee table


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