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Cozy homes are a place where you feel really relaxed and free. We associate the candle light with the heat and the protection of an open fire. Therefore, you could decorate the living room with candles in red – not just at Christmas. Set E.g. different thickness and different candles on a surface, in this way, the arrangement will look casual and cozy. This positively influence the whole atmosphere in the room. Textiles contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.



Especially in colder weather, you should enjoy more time off. Drink quietly over a cup of coffee in the afternoon, accompanied by a few sweets. The chocolate ensures good mood with endorphins. The dark colors of the cloth and the bright wood with the Orange as an accent provide cozy and modern flair.




How would you make your own relaxation zone? You need a comfortable sofa, a cozy blanket and a couple of pillows for a cozy atmosphere. Dont you think alike on Sunday afternoon? The colours on our photo gives the same effect. The Orange fills us up with force and gives more heat.




What style does the photo remind us of? Determined in the autumn thinks of country-style equal, although here the atmosphere seems to be modern. The hips are in contrast to the cooler colors on the wall.




Shawls or blankets are especially popular during cold weather. You feel immediately better by their color and warmth.




Choose a point or corner in the room for light. For example fonts of individual letters are energy-saving and the LED lights have a long life. Through the stacked wood and light it feels safe.




Make a side table with candlesticks, fruit and a jug chubby atmosphere. The oranges and clementines also spread a fresh and pleasant fragrance.




You could combine floor coverings like carpets or oriental carpets on many different variants. They provide a cozy ambiance with their color.




You can create more variety in establishing small accents. The pillows in the bedroom by colours and different patterns provide warmth and style. Neutral shades like beige or light grey, like in the photo here, can be combined with more colorful accents.




At the end we offer a cup of tea or coffee, a book and all this served on a tray table. Cozier’s isn’t it?





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