Cardboard Cat Bed

Want to make happy your fluffy pet? Here’s a perfect way to do this! Delphine Courier is ideal cardboard cat bed. Interesting geometry, comfort and warmth created from simple cardboard. Specially designed and manufactured in Belgium. The advantages of this hollow is that it is very light and also so much fun looking! Paperboard is an atypical material for pet bed, but is quite suitable for cats. Undoubtedly, they will feel safe and special. Cardboard cat bed is a real challenge and one of the best gifts for the pet. There are many different cheerful options. Colors and patterns are entitled to your personal choice. Bet on the best cardboard cat bed and you will not be disappointed. There is even a way to create our own design. And finally you will be satisfied both –  you and your sweet kitty. What could be better than that? Owners smiling and happy cat. Trust the professionalism. It is worth trying!


pet home Delphine Courier


cat cube Delphine Courier


cube 8 Delphine Courier pet bed


Cat cube 9 Delphine Courier


cube 11 Delphine Courier pet bed


Cat cube 4 Delphine Courier


Cat cube 3 Delphine Courier


cube 5 Delphine Courier pet bed


cube 10 Delphine Courier pet bed


cube 7 Delphine Courier pet bad


cube  Delphine Courier pet bed




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