Brass and Bronze in the Interior

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Did you know that using brass and bronze in the interior is one of the easiest ways to welcome the warmth of the fall into your home? In this article, we want to explore together the properties of brass and bronze, as well as why they are the new must-have metals for home décor.


brass and bronze metal piece of furniture with a golden color and a white lamp


What Is the Difference between Copper Brass and Bronze?

Copper, brass and bronze are known for their reddish tint. Therefore, people often call them “the red metals”. However, even though they belong to the same metal category, they exhibit different characteristics. This is why each of them is suitable for different purposes.


metal decorations hand statues made of brass in a modern white and black interior



Copper is a naturally occurring metal that demonstrates bacterial antimicrobial resistance, as well as great electrical and thermal conductivity. So, copper metal sheets are widely used as construction, architectural and plumbing materials.

On the other hand, brass and bronze are metal alloys. Brass consists of copper and zinc whereas bronze consists of copper and tin.
Interestingly enough, brass is susceptible to stress-cracking, malleable and easy to work or cast. Furthermore, it looks similar to gold which makes it perfect for decorative purposes.


interior design trends metal brass lighting fixtures bubbles with shiny glossy surface


When it comes to bronze, it is useful to know that it is resistant to saltwater corrosion and demonstrates high ductility, as well as excellent thermal conductivity. This is the reason why bronze alloys are particularly suitable for industrial applications.


metal in a light blue kitchen lamps with golden finish and yellow and marble accents


How to Use Brass and Bronze in Interior Design?

It is very trendy to use metals in interior design. Gold, bronze, brass and copper are considered to be warm tones. Therefore, it is easier to mix them. Yet, if you are new to mixing metals, it is recommendable to choose up to two metals to work with.


metal interior decor brass and bronze home decor accessories on a white piece of furniture against a white wall


Next, it is useful to select one dominant metal. It will determine the main color, as well as the accents in the space you decorate.


elegant metal decor details on a piece of furniture in a white room with white lamps

Moreover, experts recommend that you decorate by item category. For example, if you are about to decorate your kitchen, then focus on appliances, plumbing, and accessories. On the other hand, when it comes to bathrooms, the main categories include mirrors, plumbing, and lighting accessories.


metal accents standing black metal lamp with metallic pieces and a little vase with flowers in the background


Examples of Using Brass and Bronze in The Interior

In this last section of our article, we want to present to you a couple of interesting examples of incorporating brass and bronze when you decorate your home. For instance, you can create metal seats or sun-shaped mirrors. Next, choosing bronze stairs will add a great visual effect, as well as a stylish touch to your home. Also, a bronze bath tube or a bronze sink will definitely make your bathroom look majestic.


brass and bronze in the interior white and blue interior decor with metallic accessories and a standing lamp


Certainly, there are plenty of other ways in which you can mix and use brass and bronze in the interior of your space. So, remember that these materials are not just suitable for furniture parts or accessories. In fact, they can help you identify unexpected interior solutions.


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