Bedroom With Stylish Bed

Modern bed with quilted headboard in grey - bedroom luxury beds

Modern bed with quilted headboard in grey - bedroom luxury beds


Comfortable and Modern Bedroom With Stylish Bed

There are a lot of trends these days if we are talking about bedroom interiors. One of the latest modern ideas include the placement of platform beds inside the bedroom. What makes me a strong impression is that those beds are typically in small in size bedrooms. An interesting trend or a functional need? Let’s find out!


White platform bed with colorful bedding bedroom luxury beds



Bed in gray with Kopteil bedroom luxury beds


Bed metal items - bedroom luxury beds


When we are talking about platform beds, we should outline the beautiful appearance that such kind of beds create in the private room. They are lower in size than the traditional beds and usually have a headboard depending on the style of the bed. Some of the them have straight modern and contemporary lines while others follow the curves of classic and traditional furniture.


Bed with iron frame - bedroom luxury beds


Who needs platform beds?

Well, I have always been admiring families that buy functional beds. One of the major advantages is that a platform bed can provide space for drawers which is actually additional storage. That’s why these types of beds are proffered for smaller properties. On the other hand, they are not only a functional item but they can create comfortable and modern bedroom atmosphere.

Contemporary bed frame without headboard - bedroom luxury beds

Elegant platform bed with quilted headboard bedroom luxury beds


Functional storage drawers bedroom luxury beds


Then there is the other types of personalities – those who love to have modern and stylish types of bedroom furniture. Well, platform beds can do the trick for them.


What materials are used for a platform bed?

There are many types but mostly – wood and iron in the modern and contemporary examples and wrought iron for the massive classic and traditional types of beds. Depending on the material used, the bedframe can be either thick or just consisting of iron sticks which form the frame.


German brand bedroom luxury beds


Leather bedroom luxury beds Black


Loft bed with headboard - bedroom luxury beds


The headboards can be either wooden or upholstered with leather or fabric. It really depends on the style. So, let’s have a quick look at the most impressive examples that we could find on the market.

Modern bed frame upholstered metal bedroom luxury beds


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