Bed Headboard Of Wooden Pallets



Make a bed headboard out of wooden pallets




Being a trend hunter has its charm – you are always after the latest interesting things that happen in the world of design and incorporating some of them at your home, makes you feel a proud and modern human being. Today I want to pay special attention to some elements made of pallets, more precisely – pallet headboards.






As you may already have suggested, beds just don’t get manufactured this way. Installing a custom pallet headboard is something most people make on their own. If you want to make a wooden headboard and you do not have the necessary skills, many professional carpenters can help you. Just find your local carpenter and show him some of the images that you will find here.






Planning to do it on your own? Then you have to follow the instructions! First of all, find some unused pallets. Well, actually you have to consider this very carefully. If you were about building a fence, then I would definitely recommend going to a local warehouse and find old and unused pallets.






While your bedroom is a personal paradise where cleanliness should be considered I recommend going to your local manufacturer of pallets and buy brand new items. Then, you need to choose a design that will best suit the design of your bedroom. Cutting, attaching together, trying, rearranging and you will have your pallet headboard ready!






Pallet headboards – what color?




Choosing the right color is not always an easy task. Some people prefer using the natural hues of pallets. This is great if your bedroom is in rustic style. For modern interiors I recommend painting the headboard in solid color. You can make a visual contrast by choosing an opposite color for the headboard, having in mind the main colorful theme of the walls, for example.




Actually, this is a good point to start. Define the colorful scheme and make contrasts with the headboard.



Since there are people who like living in harmonious places, I suggest that you’d better make a fluent and matching color painting rather than opposing the nuances. Of course, a slight difference from the color of the wall is essential. The headboard needs to stand out at least a little bit from the wall behind it.






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