Beauty Of The Underwater World

Underwater sculpture park, Grenada A man with head in the sand underwater

If you love to travel to different places, but you get oxygenated with traditional attractions and tourist destinations, here is a list of fascinating underwater places which are located on the seabed.


Hotel Conrad Rangali, Maldives

Hotel Conrad Rangali, Maldives wooden houses




Hotel Conrad Rangali, Maldives restaurant and sea world



If you are planning a honeymoon and want the memories of it to be etched in your mind forever, then the best place is the Hotel Conrad Rangali in Maldives. It is one of the best hotels in the world that can boast a wide variety of rooms and apartments, located under water. The hotel offers luxury, beach and wonderful spa suites.


Hotel Conrad Rangali, Maldives seabed in underwater room


Most charming is the honeymoon apartment.


Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji

Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji


Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji bed cabins


Poseidon underwater resort provides guests transport by private plane from the airport in Fiji to the Poseidon Mystery Island. The stay there is a week, and nights are included in the underwater hotel. The underwater resort is located 12 meters under the water and held 225 acres of area. Its structure consists of two large halls, which are joined by a long corridor. Along the corridor are situated 22 hermetically sealed hotel rooms. The foundation on which is built the hotel is made of steel, as its windows are assembled by refractory materials. Underwater wedding chapel, library, restaurants and a variety of attractions are available to visitors.


Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji dining room


Poseidon underwater resort, Fiji five star hotel underwater bedroom


Underwater restaurant the ”Red Sea Star”, Eilat, Israel

Red Sea Star restaurant in israel outside view at night


The underwater restaurant has earned worldwide interest from the enhanced appearance of the idea of it. The unique concept and the impressive interior design are fully consistent with the requirements of green construction. In order to strengthen the marine ecosystem, coral reef has been built around the structure.


Underwater restaurant the Red Sea Star Eilat Israel main salon


The hotel was built by top experts, and for its construction are imported outfits and equipment from all over the world. The underwater floor of the complex is in the shape of a star, and the Interior depicts fantastical sea world. The floor serves as an observatory, there are situated restaurant and bar.


Underwater restaurant the Red Sea Star Eilat Israel 2


Here you can feel the the sea, immersing completely dry in the recesses of the charming and delightful world of the seabed. Breathtaking views of the hundreds of tropical sea creatures in the colorful coral garden can be observed from 62 panoramic amorphous Windows that outline the observatory, located five meters below sea level.



Underwater sculpture park, Grenada


Underwater sculpture park, Grenada A man with head in the sand underwater


Underwater sculpture park, Grenada diving girl and many sculptures Jason deCaires Taylor


This is the first underwater sculpture park. It is located on the bottom of the Bay, Grenada Molinere. The unique sculptures are the work of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who is currently working on a similar project in the territory of Cancun.


Underwater sculpture park, Grenada Man riding a bike underwater Jason deCaires Taylor


The damage and destruction of the reefs motivated sculpture, which is also a scuba diver, to take measures and to create this project. The objects are deliberately left to crumble and be covered with live vegetation, acquiring authentic –mystical appearance, characteristic of artifacts housed at the bottom of the sea, and the artificially created reefs and decorative ornaments are the perfect backdrop for the works of the artist.


Underwater sculpture park, Grenada old people Jason deCaires Taylor


Dive into this amazing park is one of the mandatory activities for most guests at Grenada.


Underwater slide Serpent Slide, Bahamas

Underwater slide Serpent Slide, Bahamas 3


Underwater slide Serpent Slide, Bahamas best water park in the world 2


Ice Serpent Slide, which is located in the Atlantis Resort Paradise in the Bahamas, boasting the largest water park in the world, is part of the amusement facilities at the complex.


Underwater slide Serpent Slide, Bahamas best water park in the world


The path unwinding slide ends with a transparent tunnel that is immersed in a lagoon filled with sharks. the 11 lagoons to the park are inhabited by about 50,000 sea animals and over 25 species of fish.


Underwater post office in Vanuatu

Underwater-post-office-in-Vanuatu beach with palms


Underwater post office is located on the high seas to the small island of Melee in the Bay of melee, near the capital Port Vila.


Underwater post office in Vanuatu postcard


Tourists from all over the world are scrambling to get their Scuba Gear, to take their snorkels out and plunge into the depths of the sea with a postcard in their hands to be able to experience the emotion. The post office is located at 50 meters from the shore and is located three meters below the surface.


Underwater post office in Vanuatu post office


Thousands of visitors indicated their messages on special waterproof postcards, which are available only in Vanuatu. There’s even a trained divers who collect the cards regularly.


Underwater wedding ceremony in Bali



Bali is the most beautiful and romantic place for the marriage. The tropical climate and the mystical atmosphere of the “Island of the gods” makes Bali the ideal spot for a wedding ceremony or to spend your honeymoon.



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