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Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand with a population of over 1 million people. It’s known as the “city of sails” because of the large number of yachts that adorn the Hauraki Gulf seaport and Waimeata. Auckland is known as the “city of volcanoes”, since most of his landscapes were due to the fact that it is built on the Auckland’s volcanic field, which consists of approximately 48 volcanoes. All volcanoes are asleep, but volcanic field as a whole is not.


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Auckland is also the largest city in Polynesia. The great cultural diversity of the city is often celebrated by festivals and sports competitions. In Auckland there are plenty to see, as a small part of all the wonders that would represent interest for tourists are: Auckland War Memorial Museum (which despite its name is not dedicated to the war, and is the best in New Zealand), Sky Tower, Waitakere Ranges and Otara’s outdoor flea market Flea Market.



Auckland Botanic Gardens

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In the gardens you enter freely, while those 65 acres are a great place to spend the afternoon walking around in the beautiful flora. You can hire a guide or just hovering, as you find yourself the various areas. Succulent plant look like they are bounced out of prehistory and the vegetable garden is always interesting. The best way to get to the gardens is by car, though you can also take bus from Britomart Transport Centre in the Central Business District.

You can check recent news and events for Botanic Garden – here.

Auckland Harbour Bridge



This is an iconic landmark of Auckland. The bridge is long and connects the port over a mile Central Business District with the northern coast. Take the time to see this imposing structure with 8 lanes. On the side of the bridge are attached rods, which proudly flaunts the flag of New Zealand. The bridge offers great views of Auckland harbour and especially Westhaven Marina. It has the ability to “accommodate” 1900 boats, making it one of the largest ports in the Western hemisphere. To the left of the bridge you can see the historical building of pink sugar refinery Chelsea Sugar Refinery. Auckland harbour bridge will offer you something more than nice views – it will appeal to those who love the adrenaline. If you’re among them, you can take advantage of organized bungee jumping or to get involved in any of the groups that climb the bridge.


Karangahape Road



If the long name scares You, don’t worry, since almost nobody uses it – locals call it simply “K. Road”. It’s an eclectic street, which likens the neighborhood with red lanterns, but is actually much more than that. Today you will find cafes, boutiques, galleries and nightclubs. This is where you all have fun together, and life does not stop boiling 24 hours a day. Here you will find the most creative people. During the day, K. Road is a great place to sip a coffee or explore the shops, and when night falls, you can head to some of the interesting bars. Among other things, here you will find always interesting events taking place in the open.

Mount Eden

Mount Eden Auckland Heritage Festival Green Village People City View Grass


Your trip to Auckland will not be complete unless you visit and Mount Eden. The name of the Maori language is “Maungawhau” (Mount of the Whau tree). It is the highest natural point of Auckland from which you will enjoy the wonderful views. From the top of the mountain will best appreciate the fact that Auckland is located on the isthmus and in almost any direction you’ll see water areas. Before you take in the view along the dreams, see what lies in the crater – the Earth is still slightly flattened, since for many years the place was settled by Maori and provided their livelihood.


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From here you can easily orientate – in the North will see Sky Tower and Central Business District, and in the distance you will see Devonport and Mount Victoria. To the West are the Waitakere Ranges, South – the legendary Eden Park (probably the most famous Rugby field in the world), and to the East you’ll see the beaches of Mission Bay and the Islands in the Hauraki Gulf. Enjoy all this and look for the Kiwi bird, here you will have a rare opportunity to catch her in his lens – if you’re lucky, of course.



Zoo Auckland



Auckland Zoo is home to over 770 animals, and showcases 135 distinct kinds. There are Tigers, elephants, lemurs, red pandas, hippos and a special selection of Australian birds. The Zoo is next to the Museum of transportation and you can easily reach it by car or taxi from the Central Business District. The Zoo conducts several innovative programs, such as encounters with the animals, and there’s a great chance to see how the animals are fed.




Some of the Favorites of the people of Oakland are elephants Kashin and Burma, you will easily see them eating, since they eat over 100 kg a day. Check out the program of the Zoo as it has interesting events and theme nights. In summer, concerts and even movie nights, which began after the completion of the normal working hours of the Zoo.

You can check the zoo website for more – here.


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