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Weather is getting cold and we are spending more and more time at home. The air indoors gets dry because of the heating and we feel that when we breathe. Aromatherapy can help you fill your home with beautiful, natural aromas; neutralize viruses and bad odors and much more.




The aromatherapy oils, known as essential oils are a natural alternative to the synthetic options. They are derived from different parts of the plants and contain natural aromatic compounds which have tons of great properties.





The easiest way to use the oils as aromatherapy is in an essential oil diffuser. It moisturizes the air and fills it with gorgeous aromas. Another popular use of the oils is in the bathtub or for a relaxing steaming treatment. You need only a very small amount (few drops depending on the oil and your preferences) to make your home smell heavenly. Remember, that essential oils /Aromatherapy/ are very concentrated, so they should not be used directly on the skin.




Here are some of the most loved and used essential oils you should always have at hand in your home for aromatherapy.





Lavender oil
is one of the most popular oils. It is known for its soothing properties and its light floral scent. The oil helps reduce anxiety and insomnia. It can be used in an inhaler, diffuser or in the bathtub, as well as in linen or kitchen sprays.




The frankincense essential oil is perfect for your meditation or yoga routine. Diffuse this oil for an elevated spiritual experience at home or in the office.




The citrus essential oils like lemon, lime or orange are perfect for the kitchen area. They can be used for cleaning tiles and countertops. With their fresh aroma these are great for improving your mood and bringing the smile back to your face. The citrus oils are uplifting and bright and are always good to have at home.






Essential oils are multi-purpose and easy to use. However, they need to be used with extra caution if there are pregnant women, young children, allergy or asthma suffers or seniors in the house. Buy only pure essential oils with proven origin. Check the labels on the bottles and see if the information is detailed and up to date.




If you miss the aromas of spring and summer during the cold days, do not worry, essential oils can bring them back. They will fill your space with beautiful, natural aromas which are good for you. Invite all the healthy benefits of the essential oils into your home and enjoy the time you spend indoors. The essential oils will improve the environment in your space and will help you stay healthy and happy even during the gloomiest days!






Author - Betty Stefanova


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