Advantages and Disadvantages of a DIY Solar Oven

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Do you know what is solar cooking? It is a great way to cook outdoors, whether it is an emergency or you are out camping, there is a power outage or you just want to have some fun in your garden.


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Solar cooking is a method of preparing food that uses energy from the Sun. It is becoming more and more popular around the world – and there are good reasons why.


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How does a solar oven work? A DIY solar oven project is quite easy and fun. Solar ovens or solar cookers are making our lives easier. They are portable, useful and completely free. They are getting even more popular among students and tourists who find them much more comfortable than regular stoves. The solar cookers have a lot of good features, but they have some disadvantages too. Below we will look at both the pros and cons of solar ovens.



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Advantages of a DIY Solar Oven

The advantages are more than disadvantages. First off, one of the most unique things about a solar cooker is that it is eco-friendly. It doesn’t cause any harm to the environment which is a big plus.

How does a solar cooker work? It uses solar energy to heat up and cook food, so you no longer depend on electricity or gas. This reduces the number of harmful emissions to the environment. It is also a great way to reduce pollution from the air.

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Of course, then there is the fact that is completely free. A DIY solar oven will not cost you a single dollar. Moreover, you will continue cooking for free as long as the oven lasts. So, just imagine how much money you will be able to save from gas and electricity.

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How to make a solar oven out of a shoebox? Yes, that’s one of the biggest advantages of a DIY solar oven, everyone can make it at home. There are different ways to make a solar oven, but the easiest one is to use a pizza box or a shoebox.


Let’s look at the cooking process. The solar oven instructions for use are very simple and you will never burn your food. The quality of the food will also remain great because nutrition will remain intact. So, all your food cooked in a solar oven will be healthy and fresh.

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Disadvantages of a DIY Solar Oven

A solar oven runs entirely on sunlight, which may be a problem, especially during the winter. On cloudy and foggy days there is not enough sun, so it gets very difficult to cook on the sun-powered oven.


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It is hard to get the temperature high so that you can cook food and it’s even more difficult to sustain it. Meaning any factor such as rain or wind will stop the process, so sometimes it takes quite some time to cook a single item. So, retaining heat can be a huge problem. In these cases, you will need a backup stove, so that means extra money spent.
And last but not least, you need to keep your eye on the solar cooker continuously. It can get very hot when it is active, so there is a danger of burning your food.


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Although the advantages of a DIY solar oven are more than the disadvantages, the latter are still very important. You need to be careful when using a solar oven, so decide wisely and make sure you know how to make it and use it properly. For the rest, it saves money, doesn’t harm the environment and is a lot of fun too!

Are you ready for your next outdoor summer party? Surprise your guests with solar cooking and save time and energy.


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