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The Golden Bridge Vietnam also knows as the Hand Bridge Vietnam or the Da Nang Hand Bridge is becoming more and more popular. It was first unveiled in 2018 in the Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills. Vietnam’s Golden Bridge is 1,414 m above the sea level and takes visitors to a flower garden. It is the latest attraction at the famous amusement park in Sun World Ba Na Hills.


Vietnam Hand Bridge Location

Golden Bridge Vietnam hand bridge view from above tourists on a bridge


Da Nang city in Vietnam is famous as the city of bridges because it is the home of many impressive bridges along the Han River. The Golden Hand Bridge Vietnam is the newest addition to this great collection. It has become an unmissable symbol of Da Nang and a must-see for everyone visiting.


Golden Bridge Vietnam Size

Aerial view Hand Bridge Vietnam tourists landscape green hills


Golden Hand Bridge Vietnam close up hand tourists bridge


The bridge is 12.8 meters wide and 150 meters long. Its most impressive part is the giant hand lifting the bridge from the hill. According to the building company that designed the bridge, the giant hand symbolizes the mountain God and the bridge itself takes the villagers to the Thien Thai garden.


How to get to the Golden Bridge Vietnam?

Hand bridge Vietnam close up hands tourists aerial view hills mountain top

woman posing on hand bridge Vietnam hand close up


The Golden Bridge is on the top of a mountain and is accessible by cable car. The cable cars run from Sun World, so the only way to see the bridge is to get a ticket for the theme park and then hop on the cable car.


When to visit the Golden Bridge Vietnam?

Golden Bridge Hand Close up Hills Mountain top Vietnam

hand bridge Vietnam view from above people one hand green hills


As with every sight timing and good planning is everything. You can never tell the weather, so every minute counts. Even if the ground is clear, the bridge can be surrounded by fog and clouds. However, if you want to take some good shots on the bridge with fewer people, you’d better be on the cable car very early. The early mornings are quite misty but that only makes it more impressive and don’t worry you can still see clear skies later. But it is really worth it to set your alarm and wake up early.


Couple holding hands Golden Bridge Vietnam Hands in the background


It’s safe to say that the Golden Bridge is one of the most popular places in Vietnam and the package tours sell out pretty quickly. The bridge is especially crowded during the weekends in the peak touristic season from April to September. So, if you want to take a glimpse of this world-famous site plan your trip very well.


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