8 Things to Do in Europe You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

Things to do in Europe canal tour in Amsterdam

There are so many things to do in Europe! The old continent is full of adventures and places that are present in every bucket list. There are iconic destinations that we all want to do, taste and experience. Some of these things you can only do in Europe and nowhere else. Here is our list of 8 things to do in Europe.


1. Drive the Amalfi Coast

Things to do in Europe the Amalfi coast Italy Positano

Drive the Amalfi coast things to do in Europe blue sea narrow roads


The Amalfi coast is one of the most picturesque spots in Europe and Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline. One of the best things to do in Europe is to drive along the Amalfi coast and enjoy the cliff-hugging roads and pastel-hued villages. All the way from Salerno to Sorrento the views are breathtaking, but the roads can be tricky and narrow.



2. Enjoy a canal tour in Amsterdam

canal tour Amsterdam europe capital city red boat

things to do in Europe canal tour gay couple in a boat bridge


When in Amsterdam you should do two things: try the herring with some beer and take a canal tour. You will enjoy the unique architecture of the city and also peek right inside some of the floating houses.


3. Climb the Eiffel Tower

Things to do in Europe Eiffel Tower Paris sightseeing

Things to do in Europe Paris couple looking at the Eiffel Tower Paris romance



Paris is beautiful but there is nothing like getting to the top of one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe – the Eiffel Tower. This is the perfect spot to sip a cocktail or two enjoying the magnificent views from the top. Of course, it’s always a good idea to make a reservation beforehand.


4. Walk the Berlin Wall

Things to do in Europe Berlin wall colorful wall people walking capital city



The Berlin wall is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. You can walk or even bike the entire length of the structure which has been turned into a series of pathways. Along the way you can see some interesting sights like abandoned watchtowers and painted murals.


5. Sip a Viennese coffee

Things to do in Europe Vienna small street coffee shop

Viennese coffee traditional espresso cafe in Vienna


There are so many things to see in Europe but don’t forget about all the things to taste. A Viennese speciality is a double espresso topped with melting whipped cream and delicious chocolate on the side. This is a typical drink served at some of the exquisite cafe salons in the Austrian capital.


6. Time-travel in Rome

Things to do in Roma girl in front of the Colosseum

Roma Italy Capital city square people dining out piazza


Rome is among the best attractions in Europe. There is nothing better than learning more about the history and enjoying gelato at the same time. This is a city that encourages the pairing of great sights with amazing food. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy both.


7. Listen to fado in Lisbon

Old man with a guitar in Lisbon playing fado music Portuguese traditional music


Fado is the most popular type of music in Portugal. It is a specific blues marked by strong vocals and Portuguese guitar. It is very emotional and touching that expresses the yearning for something lost or the pain of a broken heart.


8. Shop in Istanbul

Istanbul Grand Bazaar fabrics market tourist destinations

shop in Istanbul shopping street antiques


Istanbul’s Grand Bazar is a place from fairytales. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in the world with more than 5.000 stalls offering an overwhelming variety of goods. Of all the iconic things to do in Europe, some do tend to stand out above the rest. Some of these things you absolutely must do when setting foot in this amazing continent. Which one of the listed things is on your list?


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