30 Inspiring Vintage Ads

Smooth men vintage ad

Advertising business is a form of marketing communication, which aims to encourage, persuade, or in some cases even manipulate (this is sometimes perceived in a negative aspect) audience to take or continue to take action.

Advertising usually means distribution in different ways – attractive information about a product, service, etc., which is designed for a group of users (target group) and aims to inspire, form or maintain their interest in the products or services so that they can buy it. There are also non-commercial types of advertising, such as political or advertising campaign.

The ad starts to play an important role in the 19th and 20th century, the start of mass production and at the same time the mass media. Only in 2007 the world spent about 385 billion dollars for the purposes of advertising.

We all know how annoying can be some ads but here we have chosen some really entertaining vintage ads for marketing inspiration.


1963 Parents Magazine Avon ad mother and child opening presents under christmas tree




Barbasol vintage ad cowboy and woman flirting






Campbell's soup vintage ad, 1969 woman's sexy socks



Chesterfield Cigarettes ad, 1926 couple smoking cigarettes



Coca-Cola ad, 1914



Corn Flakes Kellogg's ad



Elna vintage ad



Facebook vintage ad



General electric vintage ad



Goldfish vintage ad



Harrison Cady, Fisk Red Top Tires ad, 1917



Huntley and Palmers Christmas Biscuits ad



Lengard Beer ad



Life savers candy ad 1959



Lingerie Christian Dior ad



LUX ad a girl crying



Max Factor ad, 1967 blonde woman with make up



Motorola ad happy man and woman



Nivea ad with woman wearing swimsuit



Oreo biscuits ad



Palmolive women ad



Pepsi Cola ad man and woman flirting



Peugeot cycle ad



Royal Crown Cola ad, 1961



I like Smooth men ad



The universal food chopper ad



Vespa ad with blonde girl



absinthe ad with cat



ad of men



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