3 Mystical Places In Bulgaria

Oknata the eyes of God cave Prohodna, Karlukovo 2

Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, and hiding the unique natural wonders and amazing cultural heritage. The next few destinations are some of the most interesting places in the country where you can feel the pure magic of nature. These are natural monuments that time and irreversible processes are developed for centuries to leave us breathless in front of their greatness. Inexplicably, they are not as known as mass tourism destinations, but certainly deserve to be seen.


God’s bridge, Vratsa

God's bridge, Vratsa 3 Bulgarian nature


This is a remarkable natural karst phenomenon, which is a beautiful stone bridge with impressive dimensions – 20 metres high and a width of more than 25 yards. There is no analogue in Bulgaria, but has often been compared to the wonderful bridges in the Rhodope Mountains and rock formations in the cave passage in Karlukovo. It can be reached by road from Vratsa to Oriahovo then follow the ramp to Chiren village. There is also an alternative route that passes through another near village – Lilyache.


God's-bridge,-Vratsa  Bulgarian nature



To God’s bridge has built a trail, which is very beautiful and is a good direction for transition during the warmer months. Liliaska bara river, above which rises a bridge of God often dries up in the summer, swamps are formed from which it originated the other name of the area – Zabokrek.


God's-bridge,-Vratsa-2  Bulgarian nature


The bridge is amazingly beautiful entity in the tunnel on the walls there are rock columns, which propped up the smooth ceiling, and everything looks like it’s actually been done by supernatural forces. Under the canopy of his can be seen small ponds, and on the walls there are small caves where bats live.


Oknata: the eyes of God – cave Prohodna, Karlukovo

Oknata the eyes of God cave Prohodna, Karlukovo  Bulgarian nature


Is one of the most emblematic caves in Bulgaria. As a result of erosion and water that soaks into the karst cliffs, in the ceiling of the cave were formed “eyes of God” or Oknata – a stunning natural phenomenon that amazes and inspires with beauty. The cave is impressive with an altitude of 262 metres and is a popular rock climbing route with high difficulty.


Oknata the eyes of God cave Prohodna, Karlukovo 2


There are bungee jumps for enthusiasts from the entrance of the cave. Prohodna cave can be reached quite easily, although there’s no adequate markings. The road passes over the cave – Lukovit-Karlukovo, which is a good reference.


Oknata the eyes of God cave Prohodna, Karlukovo  Bulgarian nature


Karlukovo’s gorge is one of the largest karst areas on the territory of Bulgaria. In the area of Lukovit are also rock phenomena – Strupanica, Provartenika and the rock monasteries.


The eye, Osmar village, Shumen

The eye, Osmar village, Shumen Bulgarian nature


Another lovely destination, where you can experience the magic of the unique rock formations is located next to Shumen. 3 km from the village of Osmar – are Osmar’s rock monasteries.


The eye, Osmar village, Shumen  Bulgarian nature


They are carved into the soft limestone and are remarkable historical and cultural monuments, which carry information about the religious, cultural and educational life in the second Bulgarian Kingdom. Most likely date back to the XII-XIV century, when Hesychasm traditions are the strongest in the country.


The eye, Osmar village, Shumen 2

Kostadinov’s rock monastery

The eye, Osmar village, Shumen inside the rock monastery Bulgaria


The best preserved is the Kostadinov’s monastery, and perhaps the most attractive place in the area is the natural rockformation at the top – “Eye” (also known as “the ring”).


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