3 Creative Ideas For Your New Kitchen Design

Concept kitchen modern style white Tafelwand kitchen table furnishing modern kitchen ideas

F-3 creative and innovative ideas for the design of your new kitchen


• Modern furnishing style and country house style at a glance

What is the main role of the kitchen? It is probably regarded as a place of cleanliness, well-being and togetherness. You can use these properties both in the country house style and in the modern furnishing style.
Would you like a unique, timeless design? Today we present original ideas for your dream kitchen.


• Colors in the kitchen

Let’s start with the basic color which sets a special accent in the whole kitchen design. The first variant is the combination of black and white as colour contrasts, whereby small objects make the room appear fresh and vivid.



Apartment Concept Design Home house kitchen Office plate modern grey white-kitchen ideas wood


Ikea country house modern white rustic faucet pendant industrial plain tile mirror cooker hood-kitchen ideas


Here we have an excellent monochrome kitchen, all in white, which is more likely to stay in the background. In the foreground are the owners of the house and the delicious dishes that are cooked together.


Kitchen concept Cuisine Cooker white kitchen system ventilation hood window Bank high-gloss modern kitchen ideas


The other option is to select the same nuances for shelves, cupboards, frame and cabinet fronts. This effect contributes to the comfortable kitchen look. In most cases, the wall is painted in bright neutral tones. The wooden elements are typical of the country house style.


Kitchen dining Area Classic French country house style wood vintage wall clock Hängelecuhte patchwork dresser wicker basket-Kitchen ideas


White French country house kitchen recessed Spotlight candle kitchen system-Kitchen ideas

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• Tile Mirrors

No modern kitchen today dispenses with tiles. Our photos show the elegance, robustness and ease of care of the tile mirror. With this you can create colorful or very simple designs, highlight this part or simply adapt it to the worktops, the surface of the island or the flooring. The possibilities are multifaceted and almost endless.


Cottage White Brown marble mdf worktops Washstand kitchen ideas


Home Ideas Kitchen country house style worktops wood-kitchen concepts


• Kitchen table

You can get a blackboard or paint a part of the wall in black or green and create an interesting looking board, which you write down your shopping list on a weekly basis. The children could also express their creativity on it, draw something beautiful and engage in food preparation. Friends can leave small messages for them. In this way, no one in the house loses sight, even on trifles.


Home Ideas country house style island white Wood worktop kitchen system kitchen module pendant lamp modern tile mirror Kitchen


Concept kitchen modern style white Tafelwand kitchen table furnishing modern kitchen ideas


Sleek, modern designs as well as cozy kitchens in the country house style have their own charm. What is your idea? Decide according to your own taste and personal preferences.


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