10 Chinese habits which surprised foreigners




In China, one can encounter some habits that are socially unacceptable for the West, but in the Asian country are quite common.

Andy Warlick from “Business Insider” is talking about them, he is living  in Shanghai since 2007. The immigrant explains that his words are not criticism, as in a foreign country must always be considered different culture. Of course, though, many people believe these habits completely in the order of things, many of their compatriots did not approve. I assure you, however, that hardly penalize you if you practice them, says Warlick.

1. Smoking in buildings is fully permitted, even in the elevator.

2. You can call the waiter / waitress simply yelling at the other end of the restaurant without unnecessary etiquett.

3. You can take taxi without staying on line or waiting your turn. “Outsailing” the rest without conscience you. The same applies to buses and subway.

4. In the subway you can be putting away people with your bags without excuse. Personal space does not count much.


5. No one is against urinating in public places.

6. In residential areas you can make noise at any time, such as the threshold of neighbors. People seem to be immune to noise, perhaps because it  accompanies them from birth.

7. You can have a dog and not worry that it barks 20 hours a day due to the above reasons.

8.  You may be patting little children on the head telling their parents how sweet. No one will report you to the police for pedophilia. Fortunately, people still do not fall into the horror of everyone who walked their children.

9.  You can cross the street at any time, because the passage of a green walkway is just as dangerous as anywhere else.

traffic jam china


10. Cycling not apply any traffic rules. Irritating to pedestrians, but enjoyable for cyclists.






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